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"We had the pleasure of having Jody with us during the labor and delivery of our son. She was an integral part of our support group. During one of the most challenging moments of labor, Jody applied acupressure techniques to help ease the discomfort. Her calm demeanor and nurturing attitude helped to ease our overall experience. Her support was invaluable!"

"It was indeed a very unique experience and I was really glad that Jody was there to support me and my husband."

"My birthing process would not have been as comforting as it had been without your expertise, patience and willingness to work with me. You have been a good listener and your flexibility to work with someone like myself is very much appreciated. Thank you again for all the support pre birth and post birth as you definitely changed my perception with the concerns I had about the birthing process."

"I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all of your help thru my c-section! I really appreciate it - even though I do not remember much! I know you were there to hold my hand!"

"Thank you for everything Jody! It was so much easier with your help."

"Dear Jody,
Thank you for being part of the birth of our sweet baby boy! We were very lucky to have you there, providing calm encouragement along the way. My husband is also thankful that you were there as "his" supporter too!"

"Dear Jody,
I wanted to say, again, how much of a positive impact you made on my daughter's birth for me. My husband and I mention you so often to people asking about our story, and we always lead with Jody was Amazing."

"Jody, you were an amazing part of my birth experience. I still come sometimes hearing your soft, calming voice and your ideal words that comforted me."

"I'm pretty confident we couldn't have had the VBAC without Jody, and she was always such a calming energy I turned to when I doubted myself. You can't really put a price on a successful birthing experience. But take it from me, I've seen both sides, and having Jody there was worth every penny!"

"I'm grateful for Jody coming in and supporting us in those last few hours, and her happy positive attitude really kept me strong."

"I very much want to express unbelievable gratitude to Jody. With the arduous labor we went through I am certain things went better with her involvement, suggestions and calm presence there. Jody's unwavering help was an unbelievable blessing."

"We're so relieved and so happy. We can't even begin to thank you enough for all the support over the last few days. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"This has been the most difficult experience of my life, both mentally and physically. It was so scary at many times and I know I shared with you a level of vulnerability that I've only ever shared with my husband, and I appreciate you receiving it with such warmth. You helped us in so many ways throughout labor and we will always be so thankful for you being there for us."

"Thank you for helping us welcome our baby into the world. We so appreciated your presence and suggestions!"

"Wonderful! Warm, caring, down to earth & enthusiastic. I so appreciated the extra support."

"We were so grateful to Jody for helping us through such an amazing, chaotic, joyous, and scary occasion! Afterwards, my husband said he really noticed a difference in my response when Jody talked me through contractions or guided us through the many decisions of the labor process."

"Our thanks to YOU! I truly appreciated the physical and emotional support you provided and I'm sure my husband did too."

"Thank you again for everything. I was so terrified and swimming in a sea of emotions! it was so wonderful to have your strength, warmth and wisdom there to guide us through."

"Thank you so much for making our daughter's birth such a pleasant and memorable experience for us. Despite some starting trouble, honestly couldn't have asked for a smoother labor and recovery. We couldn't have done it without your support and guidance. "

"I am beyond thrilled with the support you provided! It was amazing how you knew exactly what to do, how to support me with touch and what to say."

"Thanks Jody! We really appreciated you being there for the birth!"


Birth Support

"Thank you again for being at our birth and helping us bring our baby into the world. The birth experience was calm and reassuring and we are so grateful for that."

"My husband and I were so happy to have you help us through the birth. You were such a tremendous comfort and support to me. I'll be forever grateful to you for helping me through the pain of all those contractions with your steadfast encouragement and gentle spirit. You are a fabulous doula!"

"Jody, you are my angel, sweet and patient, you'll always have a special place in my heart and in my memories of this wonderful day, thank you again."

Jody, thanks so much for being such a key part of welcoming our baby into the world. Your presence and experience made a world of difference in the labor and delivery room and we reflect back on how different) it could have been without you!

You helped us in so many ways throughout labor and we will always be so thankful for you being there for us.

You were incredible. Thank you so much again'!!

Thanks to you, I am very happy about my labor experience!

I would not have been able to successfully deliver our baby without you; your presence was invaluable!

Thanks so much for the amazing support you provided :)

:) we feel so grateful to have had you with us on our journey!

How very very grateful for everything that you did for us!!!  Especially given how long you ended up staying with us!! We keep sayin and we mean it completely, that we don't know what we would have done without you!

It was an honor and I am so grateful to have had you there supporting us every step of the way.

You were so wonderful and I truly can't imagine having to navigate labor without you!

You were such a huge part of our story Jody!

Thanks Jody! We were so glad you were there with us, it made it so much better

Thank you so much for being such an essential part in our birth story.

Your care and thoughtfulness are much appreciated. Lucky that we found you! Thanks for the blessings.

Thank you Jody!!! You are a rock star!!!!

Thanks again for everything, you REALLY helped us!!!

We couldn't do it without your support and amazing energy!!

You are amazing Jody thank you for everything!!!! I can't thank you enough.

Thank you Jody so much! You were so amazing and we don't know what we would have done without you!!

You really made it extremely memorable and made me so comfortable. I really appreciate it!

"Thank you ever so much for your kindness and support throughout the entire process of welcoming our baby into this world. We really appreciate all that you did for us and it will never be forgotten."