Jody SImon

About Me

Originally from San Mateo, California, I had the privilege in 1984 at the age of 16 to travel to Russia, where I first met my now French husband who was working at the time in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. When I returned home, we kept in touch for the next two years until I was able to move and join him in Paris, France.

We lived in Paris for two years, where we married, and then moved to Bordeaux for the next seven years. During that time in Bordeaux, I gave birth to our first child, a daughter. After nine years, we relocated to the United States, where we have lived for the past 20 years and have been blessed with two more children, both of whom were boys.

I understand the "joie de vivre" because I live it every day. My husband and I are raising our three children in a bilingual (French/American) household. We strive to teach our children self-acceptance and self-love, to follow their dreams, and to have faith that anything is possible.

With my inner passion to be of service, and after being introduced to the profession, I discovered being a doula encompassed everything I desired to do: encouraging, guiding, and supporting others in the calmest manner, and giving confidence and courage to families during this most powerful experience of giving birth.

I maintain my well-being with meditation, exercise, music, and gardening. Along with that, I make a conscious choice daily to be optimistic in my thoughts and attitude as I move forward in life providing birthing assistance.

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